Knowing Is Safer

know your status… for Covid-19


If you believe that Knowing your COVID-19 status is Negative makes the world around you Safer, then WE CHALLENGE YOU to take the test and show off your NEGATIVE status. Follow the steps below!

Step 1. Click here and check out the most advanced screening tool available; it’s a mobile app that analyzes your voice to screen for various respiratory illnesses including Covid-19 and its latest variants*.

Step 2. Try It Risk-FREE Today! Register for the FREE Trial (no credit card required), then download the app to your smart phone or tablet and login using the same credentials you used when registering.

Step 3. Go ahead and Screen yourself for Covid-19… If your result is Negative (No Covid-19 Detected) then click here and pin your valid All Clear Pass on our “Safer World Project” map.

*All the app’s features and claims are made by its owner. Thanks for knowing your status! Stay safe… screen often… get free screening credits when you share the app with friends and family!

-Knowing You’re Covid Negative is Simply Safer. SiteLock